Fraud Detection

Keep fraudulent activities at bay by letting FDS (Fraud Detection System) do the work for you.

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Meet FDS – Your New Security Guard

The system:

  • identifies and blocks any suspicious activities and attempts
  • offers continuous self-learning of the system
  • leads to continuous improvement of fraud detection

How FDS Stands Out

  • Proactive monitoring and notification system
  • Multi-channel support
  • Compliance with ECB regulations
  • Learning based on user activity
  • Faster detection of suspicious and fraudulent transactions
  • Optional automated triggering of additional transaction confirmations

Why You Should Choose FDS

  • End-users are no longer able to defend themselves against complex fraud attempts
  • Your institution, as a provider of financial services, is legally responsible for costs of frauds, which increases the cost of doing
  • Your infrastructure can be protected on the lowest level of the system
  • FDS ensures automatic data gathering and analysis
  • An FDS offers a non-interfering level of protection for end users.