Unyti Omnis

Omnichannel Digital Banking Solution for Retail & Corporate Customers

Whether you’re a small boutique bank or a large institution looking to stand out in the world of e-banking platforms, Unyti Omnis ensures you take center stage.

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The E-Banking Solution for Retail & Corporate Customers

To keep your clients happy, Unyti Omnis supports all the classic services:

  • various payment types
  • currency exchange
  • e-invoices
  • deposit and loan applications
  • personal accounts overview
  • credit and debit cards overview
  • open loans and deposits overview
  • mutual funds (overview, trading)
  • stock options (overview, trading)
  • different orders execution etc.

As a desktop app it seamlessly integrates your existing IT systems with the latest user experience. And it:

  • Works on all devices
  • Can be connected to any core banking solution
  • Adapts to the bank’s requirements
  • Has built-in highest security standards
  • Offers multi-language user
As a mobile app, it:

Delivers all the above.

What Can Unyti Omnis Do?


Push notifications


Contacts (email address, customer line, and customer support working hours are just a few taps away)

Banking cards overview (details, activity, transaction history)

Find nearest branch or ATM using the geolocation service (GPS locator)

Blocking, and reporting lost card

M-token/password generator for entering and signing payment orders