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More than anything, today’s customers want convenience, as well as to be able to do everything on the go – pay the bills, shop for groceries, transfer or receive money.

Unyti Wallet opens a new channel of communication between you and your customer.

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Unyti Wallet was designed to integrate with banks. With it’s fully integrated KYC AML requirements it enables faster user on-boarding. By extending your ecosystem with Unyti Wallet you can offer your clients all-day banking and enable P2P and P2M payments 24/7. Seize market opportunities with Zing cross-selling platform.

With Unyti Wallet your customers can:

Create subaccounts, with predefined limits for their kids or relatives

Transfer money without going to a bank or ATM

Quickly pay online, without filling in credit card data

Link existing deposit account or credit card, and shop from their bank’s member merchants

Request money, bill product, or service - if they own business

Easily transfer money, by selecting recipient from their phone or email contact list

Unyti Wallet opportunities for merchants:

  • Mobile POS (request money and transaction status)
  • Integrated loyalty schemes, marketing campaigns, reward cards
  • A direct channel of communication with customers
  • E-commerce payments
  • Higher conversion rates

How It Works:

The bank uses the recipient's GSM number for identification. All the user must do is select the recipient from their phone, email list, or Facebook list of contacts.

User selects the amount they want transferred (transfer amounts are limited for security reasons) and inserts purpose of the transfer. Recipient is notified about transfer with an in-app message.

Safer than Fort Knox:

Mobile wallet is a beneficial modern solution that provides secure payment for its users. Every user’s transaction is executed using a token, combined with a one-time security code or PIN. To be compliant with the highest security standards, Unyti relies on:

  • mToken (a strong user authentication process requiring a one-time password)
  • Fraud Detection (system identifies and blocks any suspicious activities and attempts)

Compatible Across All Operating Systems:

Unyti app is compatible with all widely used mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows.)

Mobile wallet

Designed to integrate with banks, enable quick and simple transfers of small amounts of money, allow users to pay on-the go, and offer in-app advertising opportunities for business users.

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