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Go beyond the digital banking by allowing your customers to access their bank accounts from their favorite messaging app. All with the help of our customizable multilingual banking chatbot.

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Communicate with your customers.

Assume a personality, play a role, and be more than just a service by:

  • general info modul (user registration, locations, product info, latest news, etc.)
  • CEM module (quiz, survey)
  • Banking modul (full bank services)
  • Integrating communication campaigns
  • Retaining customers and brand boosting with funky, lively, fully secure chats
  • Lowering your fees, but not your guard (and stay PSD2-compliant)
  • Extending instant banking to spontaneous Millennials
  • Delivering next best offer to customers: up-selling and cross-selling
  • Having secure one-on-one conversations with your customers, in as little as two-months’ time

Comtrade Fintech helps you extend services to instant messaging platforms where your users spend a lot of their time.


With Unyti Insightful Banking Chatbot.

Customers can access their bank accounts by simply adding their bank account to a conversation list on the IM platform of their choice (Viber, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat).

Is there a catch?


Users can carry out secure banking activities such as, transferring funds, checking account balances, exchanging currencies and other services with just one click.

“Viber started out as an app that connects people. Now, we are introducing a way for people to start connecting with businesses and brands through the launch of our Public Accounts service. Thanks to innovative technology partners such as Comtrade Fintech, we enable businesses from traditional industries, such as banking, to enter the instant messaging era and interact with their customers in new ways.”

Elad Kojocaru,VP Marketing, Viber


Chatbot is a computer program that can simulate human response. Chatbots, also known as conversational platforms, are based on predefined logic or artificial intelligence and placed inside of instant messaging platforms.

Chatbots can greatly enhance the way companies interact with their customers. Using a light-hearted tone, chatbots enable rapid resolution of customer issues with less human effort.

Banking chatbots are designed to become people's personal banking assistants with all-time availability. Banking bots can offer customer support and a vast set of banking functionalities.

Unyti Chatbot is designed to be helpful. In case if it faces an unknown question, it can forward it to the customer support team.

Unyti Chatbot enables everything from peer to peer payments, moving money between accounts, using templates and even asking for money from another user.

Unyti Chatbot can be fully adapted to your customer's needs and your brand's look and feel. Design unique user flows, change the color and the menu structure and even add special stickers/emojis to enhance the user experience.

Yes. In extended version of FAQ, our engineers explain security aspect in details. Please send your questions to development team.

You will need hardware, create Public Account and open up few ports. Please contact our team for Infrastructure checklist.

We have created a whitepaper discussing chatbots in banking. To secure your free copy, visit https://hubs.ly/H099FWv0

The Future of Banking

Allow your customers to access bank accounts from their favorite messaging app.

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With Chatbot any brand or business can assume a personality, play a role, and be seen as more than just an inert product or service.

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