We are coming out of the lockdown looking fresh

May 18, 2020

At Comtrade Fintech we made a good use of latest lock down weeks. After our recent change of a name, we can now proudly present our new website!

Comtrade Fintech has proven to be a key strategic partner for bank digitalization. Our vision is to further inspire banking industry and develop top-notch user experience across all digital channels. New webpage tells our story of modern approach, great UX design and services in words and visuals. It was build to become a knowledge library and we welcome visitors, who are searching for:

  • modern digital banking products
  • or news on latest trends and developments in fintech industry
Haris Čečo, CEO Comtrade Fintech
Haris Čečo, CEO Comtrade Fintech

In recent years, Comtrade Fintech established itself as an important player in banking digitalization. Following the recent decision about new name, this webpage is our next step. In our long-term partnerships with banks we take on the role of innovation partner for rapid digitalisation in the financial industry. Our digital banking solutions, services and products are bridge between our clients and their customers or market. We are very proud to welcome our partners and clients on next step of our journey, as a renewed brand with a clear vision of banking of the future. Haris Čečo, CEO Comtrade Fintech

Matej Šošterič
Matej Šošterič, Sales Director Comtrade Fintech

25 years of experience in digital banking is an irreplaceable advantage. Our integration and domain knowledge make us a reliable partner. At the same time efforts of the last years put Comtrade Fintech at the frontline of innovative digital banking solutions, with indisputable user experience design. This is how we see the future of banking: strong foundation, combined with a agile approach and modern solutions. Matej Šošterič, Sales Director Comtrade Fintech


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