Viber brings good vibes to Addiko Bank’s chat banking payments

Sep 18, 2017

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Austrian banking group Addiko has unveiled chat banking for its customers – the “first ever” Viber-based financial transaction service available in Croatia.

Called “Addiko Chat Banking”, it’s a digital banking service that, in partnership with Comtrade Fintech and communication platform Viber, enables customers to directly communicate with the bank and make payments.

Mario Žižek, Addiko Bank Croatia CEO, says clients are asking for “modern services that make their daily finances easier, faster, more practical and available at all times” and its chat banking “does exactly that, it allows our clients to instantly send and transfer money”.

Users can make domestic payments transfers, use payment templates, transfer funds between their own accounts, check account balances, monitor transactions, locate closest branches and ATMs, and get the latest info on Addiko offers.

Activation is done via Addiko’s internet banking service, with “no extra charges for the users”. Daily limit for payments is HRK 1,250 ($200). Receivers of the funds do not need to have Addiko Chat Banking installed or an account with Addiko as the payments are done on the same principle as other e-banking transactions and are authorised with a PIN. Transfers between the user’s own accounts are not limited.

Addiko Bank was founded in 1896 and is headquartered in Vienna. It also operates through six banks in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. It has one million clients and in addition it provides direct deposits services in Austria and Germany.

Addiko Chat banking
Addiko Chat banking

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