Introducing OPA – a unique mobile payment platform for individuals and companies

Dec 05, 2019

Comtrade is a partner in the OPA platform implementation, an innovative payment platform designed to connect users and merchants in the market chain. Creating a complete mobile payment environment, the platform offers a rich experience and high end-customer satisfaction, by introducing payment services and additional benefits.

OPA gives a variety of options with their registered merchants:

  • secure, fast, free, and easy payment of goods and services by scanning QR codes,
  • sending and receiving money without entering an account number (instant money transfer),
  • paying utility bills (overhead account),
  • recharge prepaid mobile number users.

Downloading, using the app, transferring funds between the users of the app, and paying at merchants using the OPA system, are completely free of charge. OPA app is already available in App Store and Play Store.

The app sets new standards for connecting businesses and individuals. In the cooperation of Comtrade, BH Telecom, Raiffeisen Bank and QSS, the app was designed for Bosnia&Herzegovina’s market, and it’s a great example of an intuitive app connecting different users, while offering excellent customer experience. Currently, the app is available for Raiffeisen Bank’s clients in Bosnia, and, by the end of the next year, the system will open for commercial banks.

“This Online Payment platform is a result of Comtrade expertise, which has been refined through many successful IT projects across industries. I would like to emphasize the cooperation with our partner, QSS Sarajevo, in the field of system integration and software development, which was very important for the end users, as well as the general public in BiH. When it comes to the current software product, I’ll point out that this is a dynamic and reliable platform that offers an easy way to collect, transfer, and receive money, while saving time and reducing the costs of all parties involved. The ease of use, responsiveness, and security of this platform bring a comfortable user experience and new standards in connecting businesses and individuals. After all, the main goal of digitalization and the next generation of financial services is a greater efficiency, better business, and more comfortable everyday life”.

– Haris Čečo, Vice President and CEO of FinTech at Comtrade

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