Digital messaging platform Viber gets banking chatbot

Dec 04, 2016

Published in Fintech Features

Banking comes to Viber

Banking comes to Viber


Comtrade Fintech has built an automated banking platform that enables users of online/mobile messaging platform Viber to perform a range of banking operations entirely through a chatbot.

The project was completed in three months, according to Comtrade.

“With the tap of a finger, Viber users of participating banks will now be able to instantly send and transfer money,” Comtrade states. “They will also be able to check their bank balance and access other banking services directly through the app.

“Recipients of Viber payments will be able to instantly retrieve the money sent to them by using a QR code at an ATM or going to their local branch.”

The banking platform is part of Viber’s new business-oriented platform – Public Accounts – which enables businesses to interact with potential customers directly via the messaging app.

“Viber started out as an app that connects people. Now, we are introducing a way for people to start connecting with businesses and brands through the launch of our Public Accounts service,” comments Elad Kojocaru, Viber’s VP of marketing.

Oliver Lynch, business development director at Comtrade, believes the new platform “is going to transform the payments world for retail banks, payment processors and their customers”.

He explains: “Most banks now have a mobile app, but they don’t provide such innovative, instant payment options as this. This is the only messaging platform that, through an API, can be directly integrated with banks’ existing digital banking channels.”

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