Unified API platform

Comtrade’s Unified API platform connects and translates the data from old core systems into new customer centric solutions.

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Create new opportunities

Create solutions that empower your customers in everyday life and support them at important financial decisions. Comtrade’s Unified API platform enables you rapidly introduce new solutions when and where the need emerges.

Shorten time to market

Creating truly intuitive digital services and apps has never been faster. Our Unified API platform enables fast adoption of components and functionalities and therefore critically reduces time to market.


We take APIs a few steps further

Our Unified API platform provides a single interface across many APIs, data sources and services and allows you to create “bridges over new found waters” almost instantly.

It makes it possible for any organization to get creative and innovative in adapting its business solutions to new needs and demands no matter where they emerge.

Unified API platform

  • Supports a wide range of devices and technologies
  • Provides highly performing, secure and easy to use web APIs
  • Uses a flexible authorization model, suitable for defining access rights on various levels
  • Consolidates data of existing business services
  • Allows the analytical approach and generates actionable data to optimize processes
  • Complies with applicable regulation

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