It's not just a software.
It's a banking revolution.

The future of banking is digital.
The time for true banking transformation is now.

Welcome omnichannel banking with style.

Choose the right partner for your future growth

Comtrade Fintech is a brand of Comtrade Digital Services, now part of Endava, a leading next-generation technology services provider.

Rely on our 20+ years of proven project methodology, rich implementation experience, and extensive domain knowledge. We’ll take your digital experience to the next level and help you ride the wave of digitalization.

Our integration and legislation expertise is advantage that will lead the project to ensure it’s success.

Expertise as a must

Focus on digital evolution


Innovate Easily & Rapidly

Our Unified API platform enables you to get creative and innovative in adapting your business solutions to new needs while, simultaneously, staying compliant with all regulatory requirements.

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Omni banking

Allowing your customers to enjoy seamless and personalized service across every touch point, whether that’s on your website, mobile app, or at your branch.

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Customer experience & Design

Design business processes and interfaces that will empower users in their financial life and thus transform them into sustainable customers.

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But first, Security

Providing your customers with a safe banking environment is key to their satisfaction. Security is the pillar of modern digital banking services.

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Our solutions

Innovative digital banking products

Unyti Mobile Wallet

Making transactions revolutionarily convenient. With Unyti mobile wallet, your customers can easily pay, receive, and transfer small sums instantly and wherever they are.

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Unyti Chatbot

Customizable multilingual banking chatbot that extend services to IM platforms where your consumers transfer funds, balance inquiries, currency exchange and more.

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The solution that goes beyond modern banking concerns by letting your customers import other bank’s accounts, thus opening a new range of business opportunities.

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Backbase platform

Backbase’s Digital-First Banking Platform powers seamless customer experiences, unifying data and functionality from core banking systems and innovative fintech partners.

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Our approach

Digital strategy

By developing digital strategy aligned with you vision we transform your business for future. The key is to provide solutions that will extend your ecosystem and enable continuous innovation. Watch your business launch into the future.


Agile methodology

We implement Agile principles in software development, whenever appropriate, to deliver projects on schedule and in line with our clients’ overall business strategies. In fierce competition and unsteady battleground, agility is key to survival.



To provide the-best-in-class support and complete and reliable business processes we rely on first-in-class infrastructure. Our dedicated experts ensure all processes to run remote and smoothly, no matter our client’s location.



With specific client and project in mind, we form a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals that will pave the digital way. Our experienced engagement manager, knowing the complexities and challenges of the process, will make sure that the project is nothing but success.


Implementation experts

Thanks to agile methodology and reliable software, we’ll link your legacy systems to the digital layer of your bank infrastructure, so you quickly get a reliable implementation of digital banking solutions. All whilst following all the regulatory requirements.